Being the Feedback You Give to Others

August 30, 2023

Effective communication is the cornerstone of growth and development, both personally and professionally. Central to this is the art of providing constructive feedback – a skill that not only supports individual improvement but also contributes to building a positive feedback culture within our community. In this blog post, we'll dive into the nuances of offering meaningful feedback and explore how embodying the values of the culture you wish to see can create a thriving and supportive community. This could be for founders and investors; contract workers and clients; or content creating collaborations. Understanding these types of business relationships are human and so humans need more than just a feedback form, there are intangible conversations which need correct articulation which is here HyperConnector aims to help.

Choose the Right Time and Place

Setting the stage for a positive feedback culture involves choosing appropriate times and spaces for discussions. Do you want to think about the feedback you are giving your connection or do you need to submit it right after the meeting to make sure you capture all the details? By considering the environment and the individual's emotional state, we create an atmosphere that prioritizes open dialogue and mutual respect. Remember that your feedback is essential for helping your connection improve over time and help them build their own confidence by seeing the improvement.

Be Specific and Objective

A hallmark of a robust feedback culture is specificity. You do not need to highlight all the wrongs in one feedback post. Focus your attention on one thing and continue to build the relationship over time - most important thing is developing the relationship. Highlighting concrete observations and facts fosters a deeper understanding of areas for improvement. By being objective, we lay the foundation for fair assessments and meaningful conversations.

Balance the Positive and Negative

In a community that values growth, we celebrate achievements and acknowledge strengths just as fervently as we address challenges. Balancing the positive and negative aspects of feedback reflects a culture that thrives on encouragement and continuous development. I want to always be in a room where I am not the smartest person, I hope that you share this same opinion as we work to become a better self!

Use the "Feedback Sandwich" Technique

The practice of offering a "feedback sandwich" aligns perfectly with a culture that values support and improvement. You can see this being done in the application through the shadow-text in each of the forms where the information is shared publicly. We love feedback that follows a pro about the conversation, a piece of feedback or critique, and then a hope for continuing the conversation in the future! By beginning and ending with positive remarks, we emphasize the nurturing culture of the community while ensuring that constructive feedback is well-received and seen as progress by others looking to converse with you!

Focus on Behavior, Not Personality

A feedback culture built on respect and inclusivity centers on addressing behaviors, not personalities. When we distinguish between actions and identity, we foster an environment where individuals feel comfortable exploring growth areas without fear of personal judgment. When in doubt, if you wouldn’t say the feedback to the person’s face - what makes you think it’s ok to share with the community at large? Focus on making sure that if the comment is seen by the person you meet with that you are coming from a heart where you want to help!

Be Mindful of Language and Tone

The language we use and the tone we adopt lay the groundwork for the community's communication style. By speaking respectfully and empathetically, we establish an ethos of trust and cooperation. You are not perfect, we recognize that. If you come from a heart where you want to help, your tone will follow naturally. Use this to your benefit and feel confident that it will be received well - just as you receive feedback well!

Encourage Self-Reflection

A community that values growth is one that encourages introspection and progression. Through thoughtful questioning, we empower individuals to engage in self-reflection, promoting a culture of continuous learning and self-improvement. This trust building is so important for developing ideas, but as an early stage founder you need to believe that others are there to help - HyperConnector gives you the confidence to give every meeting your everything because of the feedback being given about your connection.

Set Clear Expectations

Setting clear expectations for growth aligns with a culture that values progress. By offering tangible guidance and actionable steps, we contribute to an environment where individuals are supported in their journey toward improvement.

Be a Supportive Listener

In a community that values a positive feedback culture, active listening is paramount. By offering a receptive ear and respecting diverse perspectives, we create a space where individuals feel heard, understood, and valued.

Follow Up and Follow Through

A culture of growth is one where feedback is an ongoing process, not a one-time event. By consistently following up and providing guidance, we exemplify the commitment to each individual's development, fostering a culture of support and improvement.

The art of providing constructive feedback is an integral part of cultivating a positive feedback culture within a community. By weaving the values and behaviors we wish to see into our feedback interactions, we shape an environment that embraces growth, encourages dialogue, and uplifts each member. Through careful timing, specificity, inclusivity, and mindful communication, we create a culture where feedback isn't just a tool for improvement, but a testament to our shared commitment to becoming the best versions of ourselves and collectively reaching new heights.